This is what I use for keeping acrylic paint wet and usable for longer periods of time. I wet a sponge with water, wrap it with wax paper. I put this in a Tupperware that will fit it with paint on top. I put on top of the wax paper my colors of acrylic paint I want. I use it like a pallet and mix my paint with a drop or two of Liquitex slow-dri blending medium. When I want to save the paint for later I close up the Tupperware. I’ve had this keep acrylic paint for up to a month of use. I use the Krylon crystal clear acrylic coating when my painting is finished and dry.



This is some of my favorite books on art right now. I go to these for inspiration and to practice different styles of art. I mostly practice calligraphy, illuminated lettering and Celtic design when I’m not working on too many other projects. The Fantasy Art Masters is one of my oldest treasured art books. It’s one of my biggest inspirations for my art.


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