Guest Post – Coloring Outside the Lines

Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing

Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing

3D Total Publishing has announced their upcoming book, Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing. This 320 page book showcases an exclusive selection of concept designs and sketches from some of the world’s most talented artists. In Sketching from the Imagination, fifty talented artists have been chosen to share their sketchbooks and explain the reasons behind their design decisions. Follow their progress from the initial strokes of a pencil through to a detailed sketch, and experience a great value masterclass in concept design.


Art Hack- Original Art by Jason Burgess

My name is Jason Burgess. I am a self supporting artist, dedicated to creating passionate and playful art. The driving force in my life is connection. I enjoy creating mystery through abstract art, humor through expressionist pieces, and the odd and bizarre in my surrealist works. If a piece of my art speaks to you, you could very well be the one person it was painted for. My paintings are done primarily in acrylics or oils, and most are painted on canvas. Any ideas for future works are always welcome and will be pondered, meditated upon, and much appreciated.


Artist Karla Mialynne Reveals Her Mixed Media Tools by Placing Them Next To Her Drawings

How did she do that?” must’ve been one of the most frequent questions after seeing Karla Mialynne’s works. In order to clear the doubts, the artist now photographs all of the tools she used right next to her paintings. You can see that Karla mostly uses watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint to create her highly realistic drawings. Check out her instagram feed for more!

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