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I have been looking at online photo sharing communities for years. I just discovered 500px. It really has great options for sharing and meeting other photographers. You can sell and license your photos with them. They have the option to watermark your work as well. It seems to be a really useful and friendly community for sharing your photography. It was Created in 2009 from Toronto. It’s a global online photography community for sharing and licensing photos. Images on 500px are the work of professional and beginning photographers. Through its marketplace, 500px works with thousands of agencys and brands that use 500px images in their campaigns. Their Website is  Here’s a link to their most popular photos right now They also have royalty free stock photos here


All Set

This is a great site with lots of writing prompts. I have been going to it for a while when I need inspiration. Now there are picture prompts along with many writing prompts to be found on here.

The Poets and the Peddlers

I switched to WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme. Everything is up and ready. Enjoy the new site.

  • Added social media links; I rarely use on any of these, however.
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If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, let me know. (I can’t customize the site’s HTML unless I pay WordPress half my paycheck, unfortunately, but I can always add or remove pages, fix links, and other little things like that.)

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Art Being Publicly Displayed

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on theuniversewithinart:
Hello to all my fans, ? My art is being displayed at Starbucks in Laguna Beach until Feb 13th for anyone who happens to be in the area or going there. They’re address is 180 N Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651 The 6 pieces being displayed are pictured below.

History of Zentangle™ | Tangling Art

This is a really inspiring story of Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and the creation of Zentangle. For experienced and beginning artists practicing Zentangle is very useful.
Maria was an artist and Rick lived as a monk for 17 years. Together they created a format that anyone could use to create beautiful art.



Art and Writing Prompts

0a20e6c29621f6e84e6012bc35dd4cfcI have found some great art and writing prompt generators and sites. These would be so useful when you just need some inspiration. Here are a few good art and writing prompt sites I found: This site is a prompt generator for artists. It’s put together in an easy to understand format. This Blog is great with really imaginative prompts. This had some of the best story prompts I found. It’s called The Poets and the Peddlers created by Mathew Dellar. This was also a very useful article for finding art prompts for children and about how helpful that can be for parents.

Create Crashing Waves With This Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorial on Craftsy Blog

Create Crashing Waves With This Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorial

Posted by on Jul 6, 2014 in Drawing, Painting |


The majestic and tumultuous energy of the ocean’s waves has captured the attention of artists’ canvases for centuries. But, drawing water is tricky, and capturing the movement and beauty of water in motion can be even more difficult. Don’ be intimidated. With a few notes and guidance, you can learn how to paint vibrant and expressive waves.

Final painting crashing waves