Gallery CBjork and Halloween Art by Colton Robert

The process:  For many current CBjork paintings begin with several acrylic washes creating the backgrounds. CBjork’s special techniques create bold contrast, organic design, and air-brush like effects.  
Paintings like Citylife are usually begun with a solid color background, black, blue, or brown, a specific concentration of capturing architecture, magic, and electric glow.

I began my character art back in my teens, creating many scenes from my life, you could call it a visual diary

In the late 90’s I worked for a few magazines as a featured illustrator.  In 2003,  I began selling online, concentrating on background scenes for 10 years, with over 2500 original impressionist paintings sold world-wide. 

CBat7  is my Holiday & Fantasy type art.  This is just the beginning of a very long journey, several collections to do.

I am a full time artist, and work on certain collections depending on the month of the year.   From August to November, I am doing primarily Halloween. 


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